photo by Alice Mari

photo by Alice Mari

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show are a sci-fi/art-rock band based out of New York City.  What is a sci-fi/art-rock band, you ask?  That sounds like a nonsense classification, you say?  Well, you're right, but we can't think of any other way to describe ourselves, so I guess you'll just have to listen.

Formed four years ago by frontman Dalton Deschain, the Traveling Show has grown a cult following locally through their off-kilter shows, including their annual Devil's Night party and a recent performance where they covered the entirety of Hedwig & the Angry Inch to a sold-out crowd in Brooklyn.  Hooks, dance beats, ugly riffs, and sci-fi lyrics promise a show and a listening experience that is wholly unique and infectious.

Though their shows are high-energy, fast, and loud, there's a lot more hiding under the surface for fans looking for something extra.  All of the songs by the band tell one long, continuous sci-fi/horror story about a circus ringleader possessed by a demon in the 1940s.  Featuring a colorful cast of characters including circus freaks, femme fatales, and nuclear researchers, the story is pulp fiction at its best, while also keeping one foot firmly in modern social commentary.  

Most recently, the band released "Roberta," the first in a series of three EPs that tell the story of one of the characters in the story.  "Roberta" tells the tale of a transwoman living in the 1940s who finds love with a stagehand for a traveling sideshow.  The album features two strong, contrasting singles: the dance-punk anthem "Freakshow," and the softer duet "Different Constellations."  The album is packaged with an accompanying 50-page chapbook, featuring lyrics, illustrations, and a short story written by Deschain about the characters in the album.

"Roberta" follows the band's 2014 debut EP, "The Collateral Vignettes."  Both albums can be purchased through bandcamp, as well as all other digital music services.

"To be a fan of Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show is to be an advocate for the future of music." - Jammerzine

"Successfully blends several subgenres of music with a raucous vibe and warped themes...infectious high-energy music, capable of boosting your blood pressure and exploring themes that are simply unparalleled." - The Record Stache

"The imagination that went into this EP--from fantastical concept to composition and delivery--is so much greater than anything produced by most modern bands." - Stereo Embers Magazine

"Freakshow is sizzling ripe bait for the new EP, underlining the band's penchant for dramatism and mastery in uniting creative elements one would not otherwise conceive could be combined." - The Spill Magazine

Purchase the new EP "Roberta" now! Available on bandcamp, and all other digital music services.