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I wasn't born a freak, 

I was born who I am.

The circus came later 

When no one could understand


To be born under punchlines

When all I want is to breathe

Turned out not quite what they wanted

Sold off at thirteen

And what a fuckin relief


I keep my anger in notebooks

And my passion on the stage

I sell out night after night after night after night

And every Sunday a parade

Come see me in the parade

Every Sunday a parade

Wish I could grab 'em all and say


That now that I'm who I want, all anybody seems to want is to stare

The only monsters in the freak show, have paid to get their ass in those chairs

I’m not a Sunday School lesson, just decided not to live my life scared

The only monsters in the freak show, lurk in the closet under the stairs


I found some love for the first time

She's as removed as myself,

Paired up we swim against the current

Like a couple mermaids from hell


I hear you call me Rob as in Robert,

That’s a mistake no that’s not who I am.

The bearded lady's what the barker calls me

But to you it's YES MA'AM




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