The release is here!  The new EP, "The Collateral Vignettes," is now available just about damn near everywhere.  You can stream it on this very site, bandcamp, or soundcloud.  You can purchase it at this very site, bandcamp, and iTunes.  If streaming services are your thing, it's available on all of the major sites, including Spotify and Beats Music. 

The Collateral Vignettes is the first part of a long concept story about a man possessed by the Devil in 1940s Detroit.  Instead of telling the entire story (which will come in the form of a full album sometime in the future), "The Collateral Vignettes" is a collection of short stories about various citizens of Detroit that are affected by the chaos.  You can find more story info and lyrics for every song here.

If you like what you hear, come see me live!  I've got several shows scheduled this winter in NYC, all of which are free to attend.  If you're outside of NYC, shoot me an e-mail at daltondeschain@gmail.com, so I know where I'm wanted next!  I'll be sure to put your city on my next tour.

See you all on Christmas Island,

-Dalton Deschain

Purchase the new EP "Catherine" now! Available on bandcamp, and all other digital music services.