"Some Dark Magik" Press release


Lyric Video YouTube link (Unlisted until 4/12): https://youtu.be/pBQBtgZMPBQ 

Bandcamp link (Private until 4/12): https://daltondeschain.bandcamp.com/album/some-dark-magik 

Soundcloud link (Private until 4/12): https://soundcloud.com/daltondeschain/some-dark-magik/s-9eGrb 


New York City pulp-punk band Dalton Deschain and the Traveling Show are releasing a free new single this Thursday, April 12.  "Some Dark Magik" is a strange and catchy pop-punk pastiche about love and loss and ritual sacrifice.  It tells the story of a couple who has lost the spark in their relationship, and have become bored by each other....so they decide to kill each other and bring each other back from the dead using, of course, some dark magik.  It's weird and funny and tragic all in one, a signature combination for the band.  Singer and songwriter Dalton Deschain took inspiration from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (season 6, specifically), and used that to fit the song into their already ongoing concept horror story that weaves through all of their songs.

"Some Dark Magik" releases on Bandcamp for free on Thursday, April 12, with an accompanying lyric video.  It hits streaming services and digital marketplaces on Friday, April 13.  The band will be holding a release party on Friday, April 13 at Sidewalk Cafe in New York City at 10pm.


Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show are a pulp-punk band from NYC. The perfect intersection between David BowieDanny ElfmanStephen King, and Alkaline Trio, they weave a complex sci-fi/ horror story into an ever-expanding universe of catchy and intricately composed songs, ranging stylistically from furious punk to beautiful spacey ballads.  

The band has grown a cult following locally through their off-kilter, high-energy shows, including their annual Devil's Night party held every Halloween. Hooks, dance beats, ugly riffs, sci-fi lyrics, and witty banter promise a show and a listening experience that is wholly unique and infectious.

Song credits:

Written and performed by Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show
Lyric Video by Dalton Deschain

Dalton Deschain: Vocals, Guitars
Jo Kroger: Vocals, Synths
Day Clancy: Vocals, Bass
Phil Harris: Drums, Percussion

Recorded at the Ice Plant and Kill Infinity Studios
Engineered by Wayne Silver and Dalton Deschain
Mixed and Mastered by Dalton Deschain at Kill Infinity Studios

Album artwork by Day Clancy


Purchase the new EP "Catherine" now! Available on bandcamp, and all other digital music services.