The year was 1946, and the United States of America was in a state of political upheaval after the devastating loss of World War II.  In Detroit, a young musician by the name of Dalton Deschain was able to gain the trust of the people, and take control of the city.

However, this trust was sorely misplaced.  Dalton was under the control of something much darker than anything the already ravaged city had ever seen.  His rise to power resulted in only further tyranny, death, and destruction.  The rest of the horrified nation was forced to take action, with limited remaining means, to eradicate the dictator.

The full tale of Dalton's rise to power will be told soon.  But coming in 2014, the EP "The Collateral Vignettes" will act as a prelude to the saga.  Each song tells the story of a different citizen of Detroit, and how they were affected by the events and aftermath of Dalton's rule.  These include a teen who lost his first love during a night of bombing, a man trapped in his home who is driven to insanity, a not-so-reluctant soldier of the Deschain regime, and Dalton's own ill-fated wife, Catherine.


Christmas Island

The Rat Song

Catherine's Mistake

The Traveling Show

...And So We Buried An Empty Green Coffin

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