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The first time that they met he bet she couldn't find the North Star.
She said, "You think you know me, see if that gets you very far."
She had a quote from Tristan Tzara tattooed on her like an anklet
He traced its letters with his fingers til she whispered, "Boy, you'll break it"

And oh, Miss Harlowe,
How's a dame like you flying solo?

She came down from the moon but dreamt of drifting on the dark side,
Now she wakens floating in the bed she thought she'd leave behind,
Telegraphs come flashing in her head when it gets late repeating over again...
"Hey Elizabeth, can't you see he's over it?"

She used to kiss him deeply but pull back when he'd hold her
She'd sneak into a party and jitterbug with soldiers,
She talked of moving west and happiness would surely meet her there
With her head upon his chest just like his heartbeat wasn't even there

Oh, Miss Harlowe,
Why's a dame like you lying so low?

Life flows 'round like water but she’s greener than Lake Michigan,
The sky is turning red and sets her head into a spin again
She’s never gotten lost before, years dreaming of shores richer than where she was born
Catherine Elizabeth, Captain of a sinking ship

Hey Elizabeth, can’t you see he’s over it?
Catherine Elizabeth, Captain of a sinking ship
Hey Elizabeth, I can't believe you're needing him
Catherine Elizabeth, you know you’re better than this

Hey Elizabeth, we’ve all gotten over it
You know that no one even knows who Tristan Tzara is
Hey Elizabeth, change the tide you’re drowning in, 
Catherine Elizabeth, the last one on a sinking ship.

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